Forsythias are Blooming in Vancouver

forsythiaWe are experiencing an early spring in Vancouver this year. After what always seems like a long, wet winter, it is lovely to see the first signs of spring. In Vancouver, one of the first signs is the beautiful bright yellow blooms of Forsythia. That we go from having very little colour in the garden to having such vibrant yellow is a real awakener for the senses.

The arrival of Forsythia’s blooms is more than just some welcome colour at the end of winter; it’s an important indicator for some important gardening tasks. Here in Vancouver, when we see the Forsythia in bloom, we know it’s time to prune our roses. More specifically, it’s time to prune our Hybrid Tea and floribunda roses.

The timing of pruning roses is important: prune too soon and you risk losing new spring buds to a late frost, prune too late and you will lose all important sap that has already started circulating around the plant to kick-start the season’s growth. So, if you have noticed those beautiful yellow blooms in gardens in your area, it’s time to get out your pruners.

Not sure how to prune roses?

Here’s an easy read article on how to prune roses. Here’s a short video of a gardener pruning a rose. The quality of the video isn’t the best, but the gardener gives a good, basic overview of how to approach pruning.

Still not sure how to prune your roses in Vancouver? Contact us at Growing in the Garden to find out about our garden maintenance services.

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