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Creating a Therapeutic Garden at Home

Anyone that enjoys gardening as a hobby knows how relaxing and calming it is to potter around in the garden for a few hours, and an increasing amount of recent research backs up what us gardeners already know. In fact, it … Continue reading

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Gardening with Young Children

Many schools now have food gardens and gardening clubs that encourage students to learn about growing plants. However, children can learn about gardening before they head out the door to kindergarten. If you are keen to start gardening at home, … Continue reading

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Cleaning Up The Garden After Winter Damage

Our gardens have had a rough time this winter in Vancouver. Lower than normal temperatures and a succession of snow storms has given lots of plants a real battering. But before you rush to dig out plants and throw them … Continue reading

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Gardening with the Climate in Mind

In November of last year the 2015 Climate Change Conference resulted in an agreement by the 195 member countries to reduce their carbon output “as soon as possible” and to do their best to keep global warming “to well below 2 … Continue reading

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Fall clean-up – to chop or not to chop

The Winter Cut When fall arrives, many home gardeners and landscapers rush to get the garden ready for winter. Among the many jobs that need to be done to ‘put the garden to bed for winter’  is the cutting back … Continue reading

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Drought tolerant plants for Vancouver

This past summer was a real tester for a plant’s ability to withstand drought conditions. With no significant rainfall since spring, and water restrictions in full force for most of the summer, it’s interesting to see which plants were able … Continue reading

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Plants for Spring Interest

Think of springtime plants and it’s often daffodils and tulips that come to mind. But there’s more options out there if you are looking to add some springtime interest to your garden. Continue reading

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